The things I created

Please note the General Copyright Post.

My first D&D 5e character, Vlad the Warlock.
A dwarven sorcerer concept, heavily relying on the “busó” in appearance, from my country: Busójárás – Wikipedia
Clearly not the best drawing, but it was meant to be a puppet master villain.
One of the first drawings. Terrible light/shadow… I considered this an experiment, but still, it is one of my drawings from about 6-7 years ago I think.
Still some 7 years ago… Has a few good moments, but appears to having some serious skeletal disfunctions.
One of my digital drawings that I did using SketchBook and XP-PEN.
Mostly black art I created a few years back to illustrate an adventure I was working on…
Yggdrasil that I created to illustrate one of my adventures.
Started out as an experiment again… The Black Peacock, that I later added as a homebrew monster to 5e.

Beyond these I’ve created a lot of maps using different techniques, but I think that’s going to be a separate post.


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