Free Maps?

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I was wondering if A) would you need these 2 maps; B) is this a good design for simple maps? I can easily remove the name I gave them – I might create a version without those.

These are not the usual, very basic dungeons – this might be something where You’d need some extra story added, but maybe it can be useful for someone. Maybe as a source of inspiration? Or maybe this is just what you were looking for?

Note: The maps might look strange in a such a small version, but check them out in 100%. I am, of course, not saying that they are perfect and great, but they do look a lot better in their original size, after you downloaded them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE MAPS FROM HERE. DOWNLOAD THEM FROM THE IMGUR LINKS!

Those, who know me, know that I am always experimenting with something. Right now, I am experimenting with drawing MAPs myself and seeing if people like it. Check out the smaller pictures in the gallery, and if you like them or need them, you can download the full-scale PNG images from the imgur links below.

3rd Map that you can download with numbers and writing on it, and also without numbers and writing. The real size in imgur is huge, about 6500×4600, and roughly 14-15 Mb. The download link (imgur) is below. The working title for me was Elven Dungeon because of the trees and forest.

I might work on further maps if this seem okay or usable.


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