The Dungeon Master’s Toolbelt – PART 3

So this is the 3rd part of something I originally didn’t want to go over 2. Oh well! I realized I still have a few (at least 6) more things I use, and that you guys might find useful. I presented already 13, so the count will start at 14. Three things before I jump in. First, the disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: I will state three crucial things: 1) I have used all of the tools presented below. 2) I am not endorsed by any of the groups or companies behind any of these tools, nor am I related to them in any way. 3) The description or review is based on my opinion - your view may be different. As they say, your experience may differ. Also: Not every tool is for everyone - but we'll get to that. 

Second: I will use the same review points I used in the earlier posts. Third: If you missed the 2 other earlier posts, you can find them in the menu of my page or use this link for part one, or this for part two.



This tool is for rolling dice. Nothing fancy so far, and it lacks the polished, fancy colors and 3d graphics that are so trendy nowadays. Using this tool is time-travel to the turn of the century.

So what is so special about it? Why would you use it? The benefits include that using this, you can pretty much roll any dice, be that a d6, d8, d20, d30, d100, or whatever; you can send the results to yourself and your DM and add a subject line too, and it is secure.

Okay, so what is this “secure”? It means that when you complete a set of rolls, the underlying engine computes a hash or checksum (MD5 – Message-Digest 5 MD5 – Wikipedia ). Using this checksum and the Roll ID, the DM (or whoever) can verify that the rolls are genuine and have not been altered or changed. Secure Dice is secure and reliable and a source you can trust to 100%. No one will try cheating their way into being a superhero character!



World Anvil is an online tool to document your homebrew world, manage your campaign, plan your novel, whatever. It is a very sophisticated tool and website that can tackle all of these points – and it looks great too.

There is a multitude of options and menus to use and choose from.

You can add history, timelines, upload maps, add characters. You can set up access right to this information, add a starting page, and generate a code to invite players/ followers to your world or campaign.

This tool tries to do many things, and it also serves as a crutch to help you think about some things you might not have thought of – just by looking at the menu points.

So what’s my problem here? Well, the pricing. No, it is not unreasonable, but it is not worth it for me. The free version is slightly limited, while the subscriptions start at 44 Euro (some 53 USD when writing this, depending on exchange rates) for a year.

I would encourage everyone to look at the page if you are looking for something similar and check out their videos/ tutorials before jumping into an annual subscription. But it is worth checking out.



The Natural Crit has two separate sections: Achievement Badges and The Homebrewery. The first one I checked, looked and tested, but I never use. It’s a tool that lets you create badge awards for your players. You can add an SVG icon, change the color, add some text and that’s it. I did not find that too useful. However, the other section lets you create homebrew material formatted to be similar to the official 5th Edition material. The results can easily look very decent. Once done, you can share it with the rest of the users, share it with just people or groups privately, or even export it as a PDF file, for example. The editor might be a bit frightening for people who have nothing to do with IT/programming, but I can assure you, it is not difficult. At start the page provides examples of a lot of formatting types that you can use a cheat sheet.

If you want to add that 5th Edition flair to your games, Natural Crit is worth checking out.



Since online gaming has taken over the gaming world, for better or worse, people have been looking at ways to create and use battle maps and present enemies, characters, NPC on these maps.

I know we all know what I am talking about. Token Stamp enables you to create tokens very quickly from images that you can drag and drop into the tool. You can change the size, the style, and color of the border, crop the image, and save it. Super easy and quick. I understand there are many tools like this, but this is the one I have been using.



Here is a shout-out to user FANGtheDELECTABLE from Reddit, who pointed me to this great mapper. It is very quick and straightforward to use.

What it promises is “Old School Maps in Minutes,” and it delivers!

The dungeon maps you can create with Dungeon Scrawl look great and have that old-school look that some people like (I am a part of that group).

You can create a multi-layer dungeon map, save or export it as SVG, PDF, or PNG. There isn’t much to tell you about this great tool, other than it is free and effortless to use. I highly recommend it.

19. WBO


If you are anything like me, you may be used to sketching out the layout of a dungeon, a house, an inn, the next crossroads, or maybe the layout of the land, the shape of a tower, or a magical rune or sign for everyone to see on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

This is not easy if you are online. Some tools allow you to do this, but some not. Then again, in some tools, you can do it, but it’s a hassle.

WBO is an online whiteboard, that you can use to draw, write share that with people, using private, and even named whiteboards. You actually share the URL of the whiteboard that you are using which is easier if you are using a named version. Anyone who has access to your interactive whiteboard can use it in real-time.

The name you choose will go after – that’s what you need to share, like below. As an example, if you name your board “manygatesofgann” and you want your players to see it, then you create the named private board and share this URL with the other: – easypeasy.

Please try to laugh softly at my quick mouse drawing below.

This is all (again) for now (yet again). I just hope I could give you guys something that you can use, you did not know or forgot you knew. Take care.

Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!


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