Yet another free map

I am here to share ‘yet another free map’ with anyone who is interested. This has 3 versions.

Version 1 is the Player Map with as little information as possible in case you need it. It could also be used to fill this dungeon up with your own ideas. Consider it a clean slate.

Version 2 is the Dungeon Master’s Map, with all the notes and ‘legend’ on it that could be useful to run this dungeon. It is still somewhat a ‘clean slate’ as it does not tell the story of the dungeon and says nothing about who or what creatures inhabit this place.

Version 3 is an example of how this map could be segmented into smaller parts or ‘factions’ if you want.

Please refer to my license page, which is only important if you want to display/ distribute this stuff… you know how this goes; use it freely in whatever way in your own private world, but if you step outside of that, stick to the rules 🙂 Thank you.


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