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Photoshop Attempts…

I will store my PhotoShop attempts here. Hopefully this list (this repository) will continue to grow. Let these below be the first items. Please check the Copyright section of this page and the other articles/posts as well. I have created other drawings over the… Continue Reading “Photoshop Attempts…”

General Copyright Post

All the artistic content (maps, drawings) created by the author (Jozsef Tothi, / @Digitaletrigan) is released under a Royalty Free Licence. The author grants the Licensee a limited, worldwide, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exclusive license to use the content for the permitted uses described below.… Continue Reading “General Copyright Post”

The things I created

Please note the General Copyright Post. Beyond these I’ve created a lot of maps using different techniques, but I think that’s going to be a separate post.

3d6, 4d6 and Standard Array

Disclaimer: Before we go any further, I must state that despite looking at this topic, the wording, and the overall theme, my aim is not to get all DMs, GMs, referees, judges, and players to attain the highest possible ability scores for the characters. I… Continue Reading “3d6, 4d6 and Standard Array”