Old things: Mapper & Caller

Before I start, I wanted to say thanks to a couple of people and blogs that I’ve read to collect this, quite likely redundant, information. Thanks to the wonderful people at TSR for the game and for putting a lot of the things I was searching for on paper. I have literally used their Q&As, […]

Yet another free map

I am here to share ‘yet another free map’ with anyone who is interested. This has 3 versions. Version 1 is the Player Map with as little information as possible in case you need it. It could also be used to fill this dungeon up with your own ideas. Consider it a clean slate. Version […]

Lands of Legends – Review

I’ve just placed an order for the Land of Legend (by Axian Spice) series on DTRPG. These are five, thin booklets, that promise to help you spice up your campaigns, settings, sandboxes with interesting areas and encounters. The series consists of: Lands of Legends – Fairy Lands of Legends – Grim Lands of Legends – […]